I will never be afraid to die on the treadmill
— Will Smith

American. Dutch. Italian. Gianmarco Duin was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago IL. by two immigrant parents, and brings these cultures, languages, and perspectives to all of his work. His first big break came as the Wolf in his first grade production of Little Red Riding Hood, where he (apparently) scared the other kids off the stage with his snarling and loud barking. You probably remember this, as it was the largest Oscar snub of 2001.

Growing up Gianmarco was not only involved in theatre, but also sports, orchestral performance, choir, and much more! He has over 10 years of experience in water polo and soccer, is a classically trained violinist with over 12 years of experience, and is even a certified automotive mechanic! Gianmarco recently graduated from Chapman University in Orange CA. with a B.F.A. in Screen Acting and minors in Spanish and Advertising. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Dutch and loves to travel whenever he has the opportunity! In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, supporting his awful fantasy football team, watching vintage James Bond movies, trying his hand at freestyle rap, and listening to anything by Bon-Jovi or T-Pain.


He is currently living and working in Los Angeles pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to hit him up if you have any questions, concerns, or want a heated opinion on the best pho restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area.

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